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What is the FAST Platform?

The FAST Platform delivers emergency incident alert information as well as non-emergency information to Public Safety Station Personnel in an efficient and timely manner

What is included in the FAST alerting system?

  • FASTalert (alerts the station through the use of existing CAD system)
  • FASTweb (Non-emergency Maintenance Tools)
  • FASTmessaging (CAD information delivered via text,email,responder status via text)
  • Map printing to IP compatible printer
  • Alert tones with text-to-speech over LCD display speakers or PA speakers

What non-emergency panes are available for FASTalert?

  • Weather Information
  • IP camera (station or highway)
  • Hospital Status (if accessible through internet)
  • Equipment Status
  • Upcoming Events
  • Announcements
  • Road Closures
  • Duty Schedules
  • Incident History
  • Station specific websites
  • Station photos rotated
  • Global panes that can be shared among department stations (upcoming events, training, equipment / apparatus status, road closures)
  • Shared panes between stations (enter information once and share with all stations (setup fee applies))

How does your system integrate with our dispatch centers CAD?

We can receive data from your dispatch center via TCP/IP, SMTP, Email or Direct database queries

What is FASTweb non-emergency maintenance tools?

These are tools that you have access to so that you can enter customized data into the FAST system for display. Existing maintenance tools are for maintaining road closures, upcoming events, duty shifts, hydrants, pools, ponds, and holding tanks.

What visual alerting products are offered?

LCD displays, LED displays, LED stack lighting (unit indicators), count-up timers, LED Notifier Light, Strobes, and Red LED Clusters and LED/speakers

What can the web based interface control?

The APS IP alerting controller is a web based control that is accessible locally or remotely. The web utility can make changes to input and output changes, non-emergency information (announcements), notification of members for incidents or system trouble, audio alert library, view system log, view input and output status, password changes, and more.

What is your Alerting System APS IP Alerting Controller?

Provides all the functions to control your alerting needs such as:

  • Ramps up volume on speakers upon an alert
  • Activate bells, whistles or any other audible device in your station
  • Activate high voltage lighting with timed reset (electrical contractor required)
  • Turns on lighting ( LED alerting and or Apparatus Bay Lighting)
  • Automatic stove disconnect/reset
  • Door Bell Annunciation
  • Play customized audible alerts over PA speakers
  • Opening specific apparatus bay doors
  • Timer functions ( Real-time clock, Response timers, Alerting time presets, Exterior siren timing, Audio Levels)
  • Customized Alerting via Zoning (station areas, bunkrooms, exterior, apparatus bay)
  • Activate colored lighting for different response pieces (EMS, Fire, Engine, Truck, Special Service)
  • Unlock exterior entrances on an alert
  • Open apparatus doors
  • Control traffic lights
  • CAD based alerting
  • Makes notification by email and text
  • and much more……

How customizable is your APS Alerting System Controller?

The APS IP alerting controller system is capable of handling 16 independent inputs and 16 independent outputs. The default configuration comes with inputs 15 and 16 reserved for monitoring AC and Battery power, as well as output 14 for a dry contact (may control timing for exterior speakers), output 15 is used for the FHA trouble strobe (AC Loss, Battery trouble, network down, output 16 for the stove disconnect (electric or gas), and a 17th output for the stove on/off lamp. Output 17 is not an independent output as it is connected to the opposite side of relay 16; if output 16 is off, the output 17 is on, and vice versa. These pre configured inputs and outputs can be re-purposed for other uses if requested by the customer (24 volt, dry contact closures, etc.).

What kind of fail safe features does your system have?

  • All APS Firehouse Alerting Systems are installed on an uninterruptable power supply for short term power outages.
  • If your system is connected to CAD and your station uses RF decoding, we have an option that monitors your internet connectivity. If you lose your connection to CAD, the system will visually prompt you so that you can switch from CAD to RF alerting. This may be done upon being notified of CAD being down.
  • Unless the customer has requested a different function for inputs 15 and 16, they monitor AC and Battery power.
  • Likewise, unless the customer has requested otherwise, output 15 connects to an FHA Trouble Strobe to notify users when AC power or network is lost.
  • The system can announce power loss and connection loss over speaker systems at the customer’s request.
  • The system can also be programmed to send text and/or email notifications out to users when power or network is lost, and when it is restored.

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