Fast Alerting Systems Technology (FAST)

Emergency Display

Deeply Integrated Alerting & CAD Utilities

Seamlessly integrate with your CAD system to capture all incident alert information and immediately process this information based on your specific station requirements. Unique features include mapping displays and print-outs, unit/incident audible annunciation, and LED sign compatibility.

APS IP Controller

Total Alerting Capability

This is our all-in-one fire station alerting controller. It uses web technologies to integrate CAD (computer aided dispatch) into your alerting solution. This allows for things such as redundant alerting (CAD/RF) and information displays throughout your station. It is compatible with all of our alerting equipment and is completely user customizable.


Alerting System Equipment

Alert Selector

Advanced Alerting Technology

Browse our full line of public safety alerting products, including display monitors, audio alerting devices, alerting system lighting and more.

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