Our new APS IP Display provides an affordable, easily installed informational display without the expense of our alerting controller. Using our video module and Active 911 interface to provide incident data, LED displays share 4 panes of non-emergency information that changes to an emergency screen, displaying incident data and map.
The display can be easily upgraded to a full alerting system using our IP Controller!


  • Multiple displays can be hardwired together using our CAT6 OAS HDMI extenders.
  • APS provided commercial display. Includes 3 year warranty.
  • APS supplied video module arrives pre-programmed.
  • Active 911 interface or department CAD system to provide incident data.
  • Built in response timer.
  • Mapped routing from your station.
  • Hydrants displayed using customer supplied Lat/Long coordinates.
  • Audible alert tone provided using display speakers.

Optional Panes of Non-Emergency Information

  • Weather radar
  • Station announcements
  • Gmail calendar
  • Displays URL (website, camera)
  • Displays Who’s In System (sold separately)
  • Last call information
  • Call history

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