Alerting Display

Display Monitors

These 43″ displays can be connected directly to our CAD Alerting to display incident information or non-emergency information.

LED Sign Board

These single or multiline displays can be connected directly to our FAST system to display incident information or non-emergency information. When used without our FAST system they can display a custom static message.

Audio Solutions

Omni-directional Loudspeaker

Our premier solution for interior engine bay audio. These speakers hang directly from the ceiling and can be used to distribute clean audio to an entire engine room.

Exterior Loudspeaker

Our standard exterior speaker solution. These can also be used inside of engine bays. These loudspeakers are used to distribute audio to a large area.

8″ Round Ceiling Speaker with LEDs

A customized JBL CSS8008 with one high-flux 12VDC Red LED light flush-mounted on the speaker’s surface. Speaker includes multiple wattage 25v/70v speaker taps.

Crown Amp

Our low wattage MA-160 (60 watt) & MA-135 (35 watt) PA amplifiers provide a low cost solution that fits the design specifications for most stations.

Interior Speakers

8” Circular commercial grade speaker provides maximum sound level even at low tap settings. Provides 120 degree coverage. Supports 25/70/100v distributed lines.

10-watt / 35-watt Volume Control with Priority

Volume controls that include an over-ride relay that will kick the volume up to a MAX volume when there is an alert.

Alert Lighting

APS-LED Cluster

High-flux Red LED light, 12VDC@ 0.17Amps, 5-second light intensity ramp-up. Works well in dorms and hallways where existing speakers are located.

APS-LED Notifier

Multi-Colored, custom Alerting LED Light

  • Cycles through a custom set of colors
  • Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount
  • CAT5 POE
  • Associate color with apparatus alerting
  • Used in bunkrooms, dayrooms & social areas

Strobe Lights

Individual strobe lights. Ceiling or wall mountable.

Stack Lighting

Modular stack-lighting that is customizable any way that you’d like! Associate colors with apparatus CAD designations. Color combinations from 1 to 4 lights available (Green, Red, Amber, Clear).

Wall Strobes

1 flash per second, 5.6” L x 4.7” W x 2.5” D

Ceiling Strobes

1 flash per second. 6.8” Dia x 2.5” H

More Alerting Equipment

Alert Selector

Allows you to select which function you which to be alerted. Commonly used in bunk room areas. (Includes custom graphics.) Available in 1 – 3 button configurations.

Alerting Reset Button

Mushroom-style reset switch with custom label.

Stove Shut Off/Reset Button

Mushroom-style reset switch that can be used as an ON/OFF toggle switch, or a reset switch.

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