Emergency Incident Alerting Systems

Seamless integration with your CAD system, capturing all incident information and processing it based on your specific requirements.

Appearing on the LED monitors alongside of the call information, the response map zooms in to display the incident location in greater detail.

The FAST Platform delivers emergency incident alert information as well as non-emergency information to public safety personnel in an efficient & timely manner.

Core Emergency Alerting Features

  • Display an in-house developed or dynamically generated map alongside incident data on the LCD monitors. The dynamic map zooms in and places a marker at the incident location. In addition, the map will display markers for all surrounding road closures, water sources, and traffic.
  • Display incident alert details on LED signs and LCD monitors
  • Plays text-to-speech information about your incident over your P.A. system, including incident description, unit(s) due and incident address.
  • Send e-mails, text messages, and/or alphanumeric pages of incident alerts.

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Non-Emergency Information Displays

Leverage your investment in LCDs and LEDs by displaying critical non-emergency information while your station is not in an emergency response status.

Our non-emergency LED based solution is text-only based whereas our LCD solution is multi-media based and is extremely flexible in terms of the number of services and arrangement you choose to implement for your station.

Below are a few non-emergency services to choose from.

If we don’t already have what you’re looking for, we can add it!

Non-Emergency Features

  • Doppler Radar weather map loop
  • Live WebCAMs of key area streets, bridges, etc.
  • 24hr Incident History
  • Hospital status
  • Equipment status
  • Upcoming Events
  • Road Closures
  • Duty Schedules
  • State Emergency Management Information


A web-based tool will be made available to station personnel designated to maintain required non-emergency information such as Road Closures, Equipment Out-Of-Service, Upcoming Events, Duty Schedules or any similar services requiring up to date maintenance.

The information can be changed locally within the station or remotely off site by the fire academy, 911 center, headquarters, dispatch center, or EOC.